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Actress Seena Owen c.1922
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Lea Seydoux
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waiting at the bus stop 
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Anonymous: so now that you have a boyfriend, you're straight? 


yes, i signed up for a special Turn Straight program, they assigned me a boyfriend and well, i can tell you it’s turned my life around for the better!

so I did a lot of acid in Boise and the whole experience gets an A++. I am at the root a curious and timid naked brownie, and clothes suck out your life force. Having sex can be cosmic. All people have the same pattern on their skin (I stared at Kevin’s leg hair for about two hours) Watched grass grow, everything around me was glowing and shiny. I felt like a little kid again. The world was breathing and alive and human beings looked really plain against the background, unless you were able to look closely at someone, a person body was an expansive landscape, looking at someone you love naked was like walking around on Mars.

the whole journey was very very beautiful.